Does getting your child to complete daily routines seem impossible? Does it result in yelling, threats, and even tears? Hey, You! TM apps use task delineation, multi-sensory techniques, and repetition, all within a consistent home environment, to promote timely efficient task completion.

Our songs are the core of Hey, You! apps. Each program contains directions and a song of step-by-step
directions for the routine. As a bonus you’ll get a game to provide immediate reinforcement for successful task completion.


1 Start Today


Download the app and read the directions. Use the script to walk your child step-by-step through the routine.

2 Just Press Play


Our songs, the core of the app, provide a path to successful task completion. Watch your child follow the musical steps to success.



Included in the download is the Hey, You! calendar. Reinforce daily success by keeping track of the completed task each day.

4 Hey, You Did It!


Click here for free downloads to help you monitor and reward task completion behaviors.
(Daily Completion Chart & Hey, You! Certificate of Success)